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Breastfeeding While Babywearing

August 21, 20232 min read

“Breastfeeding is natural like walking, not like breathing.” - unknown

Both breastfeeding and babywearing require, determination, patience, perseverance, support, and giving your baby and yourself lots of grace as you learn together. Neither of these journeys is linear, they are both filled with ups and downs, smooth days and challenging days. This is why before trying to combine these two skills it's recommended you are comfortable with each skillset separately. Once you and your baby have gotten the hang of nursing and also have figured out the mechanics of your carrier you might find that they go hand-in-hand and compliment each other really well. In fact, babywearing has amazing positive impacts on breastfeeding outcomes.

Here are 7 reasons to give breastfeeding while babywearing a try!

1. Increased Skin-to-Skin Contact

Babywearing provides prolonged skin-to-skin contact, which promotes bonding and helps regulate the baby's temperature and heartbeat, creating an optimal environment for breastfeeding.

2. Ease of Nursing in Public

Babywearing offers a discreet and comfortable way to breastfeed in public, boosting your confidence to breastfeed wherever you are.

3. Napping Opportunities

After a breastfeeding session, your baby can easily transition into a nap while still in the carrier.

4. Natural Positioning

Many babywearing positions promote a natural, upright posture for your baby, supporting effective swallowing during breastfeeding.

5. Responsive Feeding

Babywearing allows you to recognize your baby's hunger cues promptly, facilitating on-demand feeding and responsive parenting.

6. Promotes Long Nursing Sessions

Babywearing can encourage longer nursing sessions, aiding in better milk transfer and nourishment.

7.Stress Reduction

Babywearing can reduce stress for both you and your baby, enhancing the overall breastfeeding experience.

There are so many ways that babywearing can support your breastfeeding journey. Some studies have even looked at the long term impact and how babies who are carried nurse longer.

Do you nurse while babywearing?

** Please note that even though babywearing while breastfeeding can help you multitask and move around it is NOT a hands-free activity. Your baby should be visible to you at all times, their airway must remain clear and you should use a hand or forearm to support your baby's head while they are nursing. Once baby is done actively nursing, always bring them back up to a vertical, chest to chest height, close enough to kiss.

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Karla Castro

Karla is a mama of five and a CBWS & Slingababy Trained Babywearing Educator with over 12.5 years of babywearing experience.

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